The Apple IPhone Gets Sixteen Years Old, Watch Official

apple iphone

Apple CEO Steve Jobs was present at MacWorld 16 years ago to unveil a new product. Jobs called it a widescreen iPod with touch controls and a revolutionary mobile phone.

The iPhone would surpass the iPod music players , which were discontinued last year. The iPhone is Apple’s most valuable product. The company’s earnings report shows that the iPhone earned $42 billion more than the Mac, iPad, and wearables.


The iPads are a branched out of the iPhone. They are the current world’s most popular tablet. Apple’s experience in designing the iPhone and iPad chipsets inspired it to leave Intel and switch to ARM-based chips for its Macs.

The iPhone was also the core of an ecosystem of accessories, from smartwatches to headphones, which brings in billions each quarter.

The iPhone is a product that has shaped the mobile industry for decades, regardless of whether you love it or not.

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