Gmail outage! Why is Gmail not working?

Gmail down

Are you experiencing issues with sending and receiving emails using the Gmail account? If you answered yes then you’re one of the many thousands of users experiencing this issue. People are expressing their frustrations that they have encountered in getting and sending out mail. In a panic, users took to Twitter to express their frustration and others have stated they could not access their email at all.

Are you having issues when it comes to sending and receiving emails through email using the Gmail accounts? If you said yes, then you’re part of the hundreds of users suffering from this problem. People are complaining about the difficulties they’ve encountered when it comes to receiving and sending out emails. In a moment of panic, some users posted on Twitter to voice their displeasure and some have said they were unable to access their emails in any way.

However, some users also encountered issues accessing some of the Google website. The Downdetector report showed that the majority of the incidents were linked to the Google website, with 71 percent of the reports that seventeen percent experienced difficulties with ‘Search’. 13 percent reported that they had problems in using Google Drive.

However most instances have been reported using Gmail. In India people complained about the inability to respond to Gmail application and also undeliverable emails. After the Gmail interruption, many on social media took to Twitter to express their frustration with the discomfort.

One user wrote “Just because it’s a Saturday does not mean that Gmail isn’t working It’s not working! There are no messages being delivered to Gmail! #gmaildown”

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